Hydrate With Our Refreshing Drinks

Try one of our all-natural energy drinks in Billings, MT

Pump yourself up with an energy drink from Sweet Haven. We have plenty of all-natural energy drinks for joggers, exercise enthusiasts and folks just trying to get through the workday. Choose your favorite flavor when you need a boost.

We sell a variety of different "chargers." These beverages made with Lotus Energy Drinks taste great and pack a lot of power. Consider trying:

  • Caramel Apple (green apple and caramel)
  • Cryogenic Freeze (blue raspberry and coconut)
  • Fruit Frenzy (strawberry, orange, peach and cherry lime)
  • Green Goblin (green apple and kiwi)
  • Peach Beach (peach, mango and tangerine)
  • Shark Attack (vanilla, blue raspberry and red raspberry)
  • Sweet Tart (pomegranate, blackberry and strawberry)
  • The Montana (blue raspberry and huckleberry)
  • Tropical Vacation (coconut, mango and lime)
  • Twilight (blue raspberry and grape)

Order online or view our menu to find out more about the all-natural energy drinks we sell throughout Billings, MT.

Improve your mood with a smoothie

It's hard to stay stressed when you're sucking down one of our smoothies. We use all-natural ingredients to blend nutritious, delicious smoothies that you'll love. We also offer Italian sodas, which combine club soda and syrup to make a delicious new drink.

Come to our shop in Billings, MT today to order a smoothie to go.